Sector Expertise

With unmatched sector depth and relationships, clients benefit from our focused yet comprehensive specialization, which enables us to provide world-class advice within a boutique advisory environment. As a result, all clients receive senior-level attention from start to finish. We offer a level of expertise that clients should expect from a specialist, and we believe our results speak to this.

Our focus in this sector includes Healthcare IT (HCIT) companies as well as all of the functions that contribute to the management and collection of patient service revenue. These processes begin when patients schedule an appointment and they continue through patient access and financial clearance to coding, electronic health records (EHR), health information management (HIM), and analytics to post-care billing, insurance follow-up, collections, and patient communications. Complexities in the current healthcare environment make these service companies, technology-enabled service companies, and technology companies appealing to strategic and financial investors alike.


Greenberg Advisors has expertise with nearly all types of revenue cycle and HCIT companies, including specialty markets like the Behavioral / Addiction and Ambulatory Surgical Center sectors. A few select transactions include clients providing services and/or technology in the areas of: Eligibility, Early-Out, and Bad Debt Collection.

Companies in the ARM sector provide receivables management services to creditors to assist in servicing, billing and collecting of payments from consumers and businesses. They service creditors that operate in many sectors, including auto finance, cable, credit card, education, government, healthcare, multifamily housing, retail, telecommunications, and utility. They handle accounts that are performing or non-performing, current or delinquent, pre-chargeoff to post-chargeoff, and can include accounts that are in the processes of probate or bankruptcy. The work done by ARM firms can be done in a first party or third party environment, on an outsourced basis where firms are compensated on an hourly, per seat, or contingency basis, or by companies that purchase the receivables to service them on their own behalf.


Greenberg Advisors offers transaction experience covering all aspects of the ARM industry. Selected examples of our work within ARM include the following sub-sectors: estate recovery/probate, credit unions, student loans/financial institutions/mortgages, and legal networks/data analytics

Our work in the BPO sector involves businesses that offer solutions for Customer Care, Customer Service, Finance and Administration, and/or Technical Support across a wide variety of industries. These businesses offer inbound and outbound call center services, most often communicating in a “first party” environment (in the name of their client), as well as other support services such as medical transcription, billing and coding, from low-cost locations.


Given the nature of this sector, we have worked with BPO clients from around the globe including: the Philippines, the Caribbean, Panama, India, and the United Kingdom.

Specialty finance companies offer financial products to consumers and businesses that are often not available from traditional banks. These products can include patient finance, retail installment loans, credit cards, receivables purchases, student loans, merchant cash advance, automobile finance, equipment finance, and other offerings that involve purchasing and financing of future payment streams.


Our work in this sector has involved a range of transactions, including the sale of a purchaser/servicer of bankruptcy-impaired consumer receivables, the recapitalization of a regional buyer of receivables, and the capital raise for debt purchaser/servicer.